Fly casting tuition

All fly casting lessons will be tailored to your personal needs, and all tackle can be provided at no extra cost.  Tuition will take place in Ravensbury Park SM4 on the banks of the River Wandle in Morden, south London



  • Introducing you to the sport of fly fishing
  • Health & Safety.
  • Balanced and suitable tackle: AFTM
  • Grips and stances
  • How it all works: dynamics and principles of fly casting
  • Basic casts and exercises for you to practice


  • A more in-depth class
  • Improving and developing your fly fishing and fly casting skills
  • Improving your casting distance and fly casting accuracy
  • Learning new casts and techniques




  • Custom-designed for more experienced fly casters
  • Tuning and developing your existing fly casting and technical skills

Sport Distance

  • Tuition for anyone interested in the popular sport of Sport Distance casting
  • Practice anywhere: in your garden, a field or a park
  • Take part in competitions and improve your fly fishing confidence too

fly casting

The main Single Hand Rod casts I teach are outlined below

  • Overhead Cast
  • False Casting and Changing Direction
  • Shooting Line
  • Single Haul
  • Double Haul
  • Straight line accuracy
  • Roll Casts
  • Roll Cast Pick Up Into Basic Overhead
  • Jump Roll
  • Hauled Roll
  • Hauled Jump Roll
  • Single Spey
  • Double Spey
  • Snake Roll
  • Circle C Cast
  • Snap T Cast
  • Sunk Line Casting
  • Slack Line Casts
  • Curving Line
  • Aerial Mends
  • Bending Around Corners
  • Belgium Cast
  • Combination Casting techniques

Don`t forget to buy your fishing Rod licence HERE or at any Post Office.



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